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Web development

The choice you make!

There are many technologies to choose from which can be extremely hard to make the right decision. You may have probably heard something like ASP.NET!

The three choices bellow are for either WAMP, MAMP, LAMP or XAMPP. Mainly using PHP, apache and mysql server in Windows, linux or MAC.


Symfony is not for every project, it needs highly skilled/technical persons to work on it hence a bigger budget.

It can be described as a framework of frameworks, for example drupal 8 has borrowed many components of symfony2.

It is suitable for static websites of which contents doesn't change often

It is ideal for a custom UI in websites or applications where user experience is highly valued.

Simply Symfony is a beast that can be the best choice for certain websites if managed correctly.


Drupal is my first choice framework for quick development because it has almost everything ready out of the box.

Perhaps it can be the cheapest method to develop a cms based website and or eCommerce solution

Drupal commerce or ubercart are both modules extending drupal cms to be a fully reliable eCommerce

It can be customized but also note here it can turn ugly for large levels of customization due to its procedural nature.


Magento is the king of eCommerce solutions, it can be the perfect online shopping cart if managed correctly.

It has all the tools needed for managing products effectively as well as it supports multi vendors.

It is not a cheap solution so consideration must be taken into account before utilization.

It can be extended with community or paid extensions as well as it can be customized by writing own extensions. Perfect for serious businesses.

Highly recommend for eCommerce with many categories of products

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