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Any server as long as it is linux

I don't know much about windows servers, I have ignored IIS in favour of Apache, mysql is a lot better than mssql, the LAMP generally is a lot better than asp.net

It doesn't matter where the server is hosted, Heart Internet, UK2, Godaddy or Amazon EC2 , I can configure it for you as long as it is a linux machine.

Amazon web services

It became the buzz technology recently, it offers great services such as EC2 virtual private server, route53 for a dns, Elastic IPs, S3 for a file server.

I can work on your amazon services with ease, however, it is worth to note that Amazon web services has a lot of disadvantages that must be considered.

The solution!

Either you want complete server installation or part configurations, I am sure I can make the right quote at a very reasonable price. You just let me know what you want and I will be more than happy to do it for you

Not sure yet!

I can guide you and advise you on what service package to choose. For example Heart Internet tend to have the best VPS deals in the market while UK2 have very good dedicated servers package

Your website will dictate which services to have. High volume traffic may be better on a high end VPS or even high end dedicated.

I will give you an advice on what to avoid and what to look for. A dedicated server for example without a dedicated network connection is rendered useless, high end vps is a lot better than low end dedicated and so forth

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