A passion for web development


Project Management

Do you have a clear project in mind? if yes, I can help in managing your project for you be it writing the project tasks set within a timeframe for each, schedules, plans, operational targets and more.

Your project has to be on the LAMP in order for me to help, I know a bit about other technologies such as Java and Microsoft but do not have extensive experience.

I will investigate your project and I will advise you about the suitable technologies needed as some projects might be better done in ASP.NET for example, if that is the case I can advise on where and how to start. I will let you know where I cannot help.

Establishing long term relations with my clients is very important to me, communication is the key to understanding what my clients want and need, therefore I will enable all channels of prefered communications where possible, including, mail, video chat, project management portals, shared storage for project data and many more.

Web projects

There are many questions needing answering before selecting the right technology for the project. I am biased toward the LAMP therefore for most of the projects I will be offering one or more of the three musketeers drupal, mangento or symfony

Management models

Agile and extreme engineering can be used where budget allows it. Agile is useful project management technique for those projects that the client is unsure about the requirements, the project will be put in cycles.

For most projects where the requirements are clear, the model used will be waterfall. All the tasks will be defined early at the design/agreement stage.

Time and budget

A time estimate will be given based on the initial requirements, which is based on the timeframe needed, the budget will be based on time and skillset required. Some project tasks are alot easier than others.

Each project task cycle will be identified and its time framework and budget will be estimated in the case of agile, otherwise, the whole budget and duration can be estimated easily with most projects using the waterfall model

Team building

Most projects can be developed by one person, however, for some projects a team formation might be necessarily. In some cases, server and client side programmers might be required to work together toward the same goal. Also a designer might be needed to create the graphic design

The more complex the project is the more human resources it may require.

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