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In most cases, the database is part of an application either a website or a mobile/desktop application . for example drupal uses the database to store its configuration, contents, users and without it, it won't perform.

In some occasions, the database can be custom made and that the user interface is designed on top and it is independent from the application, the programming language and so forth. Large companies design their database first and then build the UI later.

Where utilizing off the shelf solutions, there will be no need to design a database, of course a few tables here and there but no major database design will be needed. Regardless some may require the database to be made bespoke.

Symfony framework for example can convert a relational database to entities and entities to relational . An entity is no more than a php object in a table format in the relational database. Therefore a database can be designed first, implemented and then converted to entities using the power of Doctrine to do the mapping for us.

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