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Project terms and conditions

Each project is unique in nature but most projects will have the following terms and conditions:

  1. A list of the tasks required signed by the client as a mean of specifications and requirements
  2. The time framework and the deadlines for each section as well as the final deadline/due date.
  3. The product has to be as described and fit for the purpose in accordance to the English law.
  4. A period of warranty for the product after completion and its cost. The client can chose not to take the warranty or he or she can extend it further.
  5. The warranty is invalid if the code is altered by the client.
  6. No refund will be given back where the specification has been commenced and/or implemented therefore the client must ensure that he or she have received the product as described and in good condition, in this case we are dealing with WWW application which it's an intangible product.
  7. A refund will be given only in the event that the work hasn't commenced and there is no pending time-framed contract in place.
  8. Note these terms presented here are not to be used in relation to the terms signed by the client and us. Each project has its own terms and conditions, the signed agreement is going to be the legally binding contract between us not the terms here on this page which is merely for an idea how the t's & c's will be presented.
  9. The client data will be protected as much as possible, but I am not going to be held accountable for data leaks beyond my control. The client will often be advised on how to protect their data.
  10. Please read the privacy policy for more information about how your personal data is going to handled.
  11. A "NO DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT" can be signed if requested, a Legal contract designed to protect client information even in the event of disputes
  12. Expect professional and polite responses to your queries
  13. An active project will be responded to within 4 hours during the week days however in some cases e.g if we are away from the office please allow 24-48 hours.
  14. Changes to requirements and specifications alters the cost of development, therefore we can add to or change the price quoted prior to development and with clear agreement with the client. No surprising costs will be added without your knowledge. In most cases there will be no need to alter the quoted price, only and only in the event of changing project requirements and specifications.
  15. The client is advised to be clear on what they want from the outset, however in a big number of cases, clients are not clear themselves therefore we can offer you an agile approach to web development.
  16. Agile cost and time framework are very difficult to predict therefore only go agile if you have the financial means to support it. Where the quote is for hourly based projects the client is responsible for all the cost incurred
  17. The client can terminate the signed agreement however note that any money paid will not be refunded and where work has commenced any balance due up to that point of termination must be paid for promptly by you. we also have the right to terminate the contract and if we did so, any money paid by you will be refunded. .

The advantages of hiring someone in the UK is that the client and the developer are bound to the English Law and all the laws applicable in England and Wales.

The consumers in England are protected under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 which gives consumers protections in many areas. . Please read this link for more information.

We will do our best to resolve any issues with our clients, over all we are after establishing a long term busniess relationship. You will be given honest and near accurate advice, however we cannot be held responsible for that information as it is based on our own experinces. Disputes can rise and are mostly due to a mis-understanding or the failure of communications. Therefore a full refund will be given only in the event that we are responsible for such failure or short fall.

We will do our best to resolve issues before it reaches litigation. The law is absolutely the final judge between our clients and us.

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