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Privacy Policy

This pages explains how your data will be handled and stored in this website and or related to data handling for projects. There are two types of users targeted in this privacy statement. The users are websites visitors and clients.

1- Website visitors

No personal identifying data will be stored IP address, country and location might be stored for marketing mainly to identify the target audience in general but not specific to the individual visitor.

We use tools operated by third parties for example, google analytics may store your IP address and location. Again rest assured that no personal data will be stored on our website as well as no personal data will be stored in any third party location.

To this matter we are using cookies as a way to store these data but not restricted to the use of cookies as other means can be utilized such as server side sessions, databases or file system to store such general information.

2- Clients

All communications conducted between us will be labelled as highly confidential Only contracts and emails will be stored in our computers or email server, no other details will be saved in a public database, websites, or any publicly accessible device , example name, payment details, addresses .

For Tax purpose, we are required to keep records of business transactions for 6 years, therefore we cannot remove your data before the legal requirements, this is always the case if there is a financial transaction occurred between our client and us.

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