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Buy a domain name for branding and keyword

Buying a domain name branches into two streams either key word value or branding names. The choice is difficult in both cases as there is a grey area between the two extremes. What is the best strategy in buying a domain name? Is a key word greater in value than the brand oriented?
In this article I am going to explorer the concept behind domain name search to find out the best possible strategy to obtain a domain that is both suitable as a keyword as well as branding approaches.

In the era of depleted availability of short sweet names the choice of finding what I have stated above is extremely difficult, at least from the angle of cheap domain names registration. However creative mind can come up with all sorts of attempts to find the most suitable domains.

What are key value domain names?

The key value is the term searched for by users according to search engines and networks across the globe presented in an average monthly. For example Google has keyword tools in adwords that enable customers to find out what end customers are looking for. These tools give good results but they might not be very accurate for a very small niche market. Because Google is the most used search engine and source of information related to keywords I am going to discuss the main areas Google values or categorize the search terms.

The first is broad, the second is exact and the third is phrase. The difference between them is huge but to cut the story short, the exact keyword is the most accurate results for the search however phrase is also important in branding and it can be very important in keywords too.

Away from Google and back to buy domain names that are keyword related , the following approach should be adopted as follows:

a- Go for the kill and choose a keyword with high exact
b- regardless of hyphens,
c- any domain extension other than .com, only if the .com is not available
d- Length does not matter here as the rules of branding are broken.

However the approach is totally different if you are to buy a domain name that is for the purpose of branding as follows:

a- Get your business name if you could
b- It has to be short and easy to remember
c- Catchy and musical
d- If phrase then make it short even though try to avoid it
e- Try to get a single dictionary word
f- It has to be .com .co .net and .org together beside the local domain names of your target audience. You only have to buy local domain names if you are targeting locally.

Why a phrase is important in branding?

To understand a phrase keyword is to have for example a grey hat, the phrases possibility for this are top grey hat, the grey hat is mine, hand me the grey hat. All are phrases/sentences associated with the term example grey hat. Now why is this so important? This can be used to determine the business category by search engines.

To illustrate further in the following example:

Healthy mind, it gives us healthy is adjective then the category is mind however healthy can be substituted for a health category. How does search engine do it? Well I don’t know and I haven’t met anyone who can tell me.

The advice here is to adhere to the following:

If you cannot find your dream name and you have decided to go for a phrase branding to get the best of both worlds then always make your business nature as your first word choice example:
Health and mind etc. Here the name has a chance in the keyword health as well as has another chance in mind. Health is number(1) mind is number(2)


I hope I have provided some help related to choosing the best domain name but for sure no two will agree on a single name related to branding. What you find to be bad someone else might find it good. It is unpredictable, taste and choice. Try to pick in an area around what your customers are searching for. Go for branding if you ask my opinion because it pays in a long run but expensive to start. If you do not want to spend money yet you want your site to generate traffic then you better find a good keyword.

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