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Frequently Asked Questions

Symfony is a service oriented architecture  web development framework that uses many design patterns such as MVC. Many application in the market use symfony as a framework for web applications developments, example of applications using symfony are forkcms and drupal 8.  

Drupal is a powerful content management system and framework at the same time. It has a huge community behind it and it is often used for quick, full of features for websites. Drupal provides an "out of the box" ready made solutions although not completely error free, the majority does require tweeking, customization etc.

Magento is a very powerful product management system and framework utilizing many libraries of Zend framework. It is the first choice for eCommerce solutions, highly recommend for websites that require online selling,carts, baskets, checkouts. 

Selecting a framework shouldn't be a complex process, firstly know what content your website has then choose the framework accordingly!. You will probably need drupal if this is your first venture but there are many criterias to consider before selecting the framework such as:

  1. How much is the budget?
  2. What is the expected traffic?
  3. The type of content
  4. The user journey 
  5. Purpose of the website.

The above is not a comprehensive list of the criterias required. It all depends really on the project, go symfony if the user journey is very important, go drupal if the website deals with a lot of contents that changes regularly as well if the websites sells a few products, magento is only advised if you have a large database of products with many categories. Don't get me wrong, drupal too can have a large database of products with many categories as products are no more than a content type and magento in a nutshell is no more than a product type cms, however the real difference between drupal and mangento is when it comes to products.

Mangento is specifically designed for online selling, it has many features ready out of the box that will take a long time to develop and configure in drupal, example the reporting tool in magento is a lot better than drupal's from a product point of view. 

Symfony is more or less if you want to take control of the design of the UI right from the start to the end. Everything will have to be built more or less from scratch and of course with the help of bundles symfony can be viewed as a massive jigsaw of libraries. Example payum is a bundle designed to be payment gateway agnostic library so that for example paypal or authorize.net can be accessed using the same code. It can also be extended with bundles such as the adminbundle etc. 


It really depends on what you require, it may be the case that you already have a website that requires some fixes/errors or whatever the case maybe then in that instance it could be from a few hours to days maybe even weeks or months it really does depend on what it is that you require of us.

It maybe the case that you already have a website but it is not achieving what it was set up to do and you require an overall restructure/re-launch/brand and so forth, in that instance we doubt it will be a few hours or days so give or take you are more like looking at weeks running into months, we can't really say until we know what you require.

Some projects can take 12 hours some can take 12 months to develop it really does depend on the requirements but whatever the case maybe, we will always do my utmost to quote you accurately on the timescale needed.


Trust is very important in any business, but what you must be assured from is that the English law/legal system is between us to protect all/both parties involved. 

We request that a 25% deposit is made upfront before we commence working, this shows that yes you are serious about working together and prevents us from commencing work to which you may simply do a runner, i.e wasting our time and effort. All money paid is to be payable by a traceable method which is; bank transfer/bacs, We do not deal in cash in hand for legal and safety reasons.

Once again the English law will and does apply in all agreements/contracts big or small.



1.) We aim to reply back to your queries within 4 hours (during sociable hours). 

2.) We aim to provide you with a quote within 24 hours following our initial discussion.

3.) Communication is the key to all good business relationships if you prefer to only communicate by a certain method for example email only (no calls) then we will honor that request .

4.) Finally, efficiency and precision is good practice from both sides we know you would not like to be kept waiting and the same applies to us.

Payments are always to be made by a traceable method; bank transfer/bacs, no cash, this protects both parties should an issue arise.

We require a 25% deposit upfront followed by 25% midway and finally the last 50% on completion unless otherwise prior agreed and in cases where a short simple task is merely required.

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