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We strongly stress that we will try to resolve any dispute with our clients to the best of our ability and with good faith and in good will, however this is not possible with all clients, there are some people who are just impossible to please.

The contract is the road map between our clients and we, the contract should contain as much details as possible to avoid scenarios of dispute in the future. we strongly advise the client to write down all the requirements and specifications before the agreement is drawn. Any changes to the written requirements can and will result in a price change

We will fix any bugs discovered up to 30 days after project completion at no extra cost providing that you the client hasn't altered or attempted the code at all. We are not responsible for any errors if those errors occurred as a result of misuse or by you attempting to edit/alter the code/website etc .

We can provide an extended period of maintenance for a yearly/ monthly or daily cost. Maintenance is not part of the dispute, purchasing a service from us does not mean an unconditional offer of free maintenance.

We will only give a full refund in the event we are responsible for the mistake and that the client can provide proofs of our action/error. Over all we are human beings and all humans can make mistakes /be mistaken.

You the client can provide a third party opinion and we promise to listen to and try to understand issues raised. However, the third party has to be a non biased professional. Under no circumstances will we tolerate any insults beit defamtory degrading or alike nor will we behave in such a manor. Treat us as you wish to be treated and that is with the utmost respect and courtesy at all times.

We can naturally try to solve all disputes out of court, court is in fact should be left as the very last resort. Going to court is long drawn out and costly experience for all parties. However if need be then it shall be used after exhausting all other mediations.

If the dispute cannot be solved out side the court room, then rest assured, we will be dealing with the matter with courtesy and professionalism and as stated expect the same back. We highly welcome returning customers even after a dispute. Overall disputes are the case of hitting the wrong button at the wrong time. In our opinion, a dispute is an error in itself and must at least try to be avoided at all times.

Please let us know what problems you have and raise all the issues with us before going to a third party, we promise to listen to you and will also try to solve any problems that you may have/had if I we can.

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