A passion for web development


About me

Experienced web programmer on a LAMP environment with good Drupal experience, PHP both object-orientated and procedural having learned Symfony MVC.

Why entrust me with your projects?

I have over 12 years experience with web development, of which 10 of those years have been spent dealing with PHP, and 4 with Drupal; I can be described as very ardent over PHP.

Throughout the years, I have broadened and refined my knowledge of programming, and incessantly strive to ensure that I continue to develop my skill set. I can deftly configure dedicated and private virtual servers to be ‘online ready’, as well as deal with the DNS, Mail server, CPanel, SSL and FTP; all in a relatively short period of time.

I can construct entire websites in anywhere from 4 hours to a few weeks, depending on the complexity and the general customization required by the customer.


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Call me 01902 637 708

About this website

SYMVC.COM, the SY is short for Symfony and the rest refers to the web technology called MVC;(MVC being an abbrieviation of Model, View and Controller) and it consists of object orientated programming techniques imported to PHP from JAVA.

I have developed this webiste using Symonfy and I cannot describe in words how much I have fallen in love with the technology due to its flexibilty. I highly recommend symfony for websites that are not clear on their goals, static websites and complex UI based applications/websites.

Most of my php experience stems from Drupal, but since the introduction of Symfony in Drupal 8, I now prefer coding in Symfony as Drupal sadly has an ugly framework in comparison to Symfony.

Now don't get me wrong, I will continue using Drupal for most of my projects as it is quick for development and most of the functionalities are ready out of the box making it the 'takeaway meal' of the programming world whereas; Symfony being the homecooked meal.

My plans for this website

Coming soon so watch this space; I am planning to develop a client portal so that you can view the progress of your projects in real time, the aim is to make it a first point of contact with all clients. Though the main goal of this website for now is to advertise myself and my skills as well as to attract more clients.

My clients

The satisfaction of my clientele is of utmost importance to me and you can be rest assured that the quality of my work is always guaranteed. If you are not satisfied about any part of our project simply say so and I will always resolve any issues. My aim is to establish a long-term business relation with you however big or small your requirements are. Quick and easy just drop me an email or call.

Unsure of what framework to choose? For eCommerce websites I would recommend Magento, for quick websites I would recommend Drupal, and for bespoke websites I would recommend Symfony. The choice is of course entirely yours.

Important to note that; I will never share any clients' details with others/third parties etc unless you the client specifically says to do so; otherwise it is simply unethical and does not coincide with my standards of conduct. Private and confidentality is first and foremeost regardless of the size of your project. I know full-well that the majority of clients do not want the history etc of their projects mentioned publicly, I highly respect that and of course "I don't want my back-end to be sued".

Quick facts about me

How I work

  1. After our intial discussion be it via email or phone I will email you a list of the tasks to be conducted based on your requirements. You then simply confirm back if that is correct
  2. I will then email you a quote for the work and I will estimate the time needed to implement it
  3. If you are happy to proceed simply reply back.
  4. I will then email you a simple contract based on the given quote and project/tasks timeframe agreed.
  5. Upon recieving the contract simply reply back with your firm acceptance followed by a 25% deposit paid by bacs.
  6. Our agreement will have three simple payment milestones; 25% deposit, 25% middle, and 50% at the completion
01902 637 708